Vintage Indonesian Batik Fabric: An Emerging Fashion Item

Vintage Indonesian Batik Fabric: An Emerging Fashion ItemFashion is something that is very fluid, and it changes rapidly. In just a year, the trend may actually changes several times. It can be denied that a lot of people want to dress following the current fashion trend to show how update they are to the changes. In 2017, throwback theme becomes a massive trend among many fashion enthusiasts. People look back to the 20’s styles and recycle it to suit current condition without losing its vintage sense. Floral patterns, high-waisted bottoms, wide-legged flair, jumpsuits, and many other vintage styles are re-emerging in 2017. Indonesia, a country that is popular with its batik fabric, also does n’’t want to lose with the trend. Thus, nowadays, there are many vintage Indonesian batik fabric available on the market. This article will give a brief review about this type of fabric for any vintage enthusiasts who wish to embrace traditional cultures.

Unlike the more modern model, vintage Indonesian batik fabric tends to have a darker shade of color, such as dark brown, navy blue, and dark read. This type of color is suitable for formal occasions, although wearing it for informal occasions is also acceptable. As for the patterns, most vintage batik fabric uses traditional types of patterns rather than the modern and contemporary one. Bigger patterns such as flowers and birds usually exist on top of smaller patterns such as dots or lines. The bigger patterns can give certain emphasize if it is put on the right position of your dress or shirt. The design mostly refers to traditional Indonesian batik fabric used by ancient monarch in Indonesia, such as parang and kawung patterns. Some people, especially younger generations may find this kind of pattern is dull and very “oldies”. But if you can design it well, it can steal everyone attention.

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Other than for fashion item, vintage Indonesian batik fabric is still used for ceremonial purpose, such as for marriage, child birth, funeral, and other formal ceremonies. Back then, these vintage batik fabrics were strictly used only for sacred ceremonial purposes and for nobles. However, due to the change of era, everyone can wear vintage batik fabrics on any occasions, although formal occasions are still preferable. You can find a lot of vintage batik fabric if you visit Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta and Surakarta. Be reminded that hand painted batik are way pricier than printed one, thus prepare your money if you wish to get the hand painted one.