Tie Dye Batik Fabric Step By Step

Making batik is truly daunting and tiring process. You cannot expect a fabulous batik without any effort. Therefore tie dye batik fabric is not a short and simple task. It requires concentration and persistence to make an intricate and detailed batik design. However, there are several batik design that is using fixed batik pattern, so it is easier for us to make.

Tie Dye Batik Fabric Step By Step

Tie dye batik fabric variants

There are two kinds of  tie dye batik process. The first is the manual tie dye batik fabric, which requires high skill in batik coloring and dying. It needs to be masterfully dyed since batik pattern often comes in great detail. The second method is fixed dye pattern, which is a bit easier since they have the adjusted model, and dye it directly.

The process of tie dye batik fabric

In this article, we shall explain a shortly listed process on how to tie dye batik fabric. But this is a concise list, so you need to search for a better reference if you are about to do serious dyeing.

  1. Create a batik design.

You can make the design by anything such paper, pencils, or a pen. You should make the simple design at first since this is your learning process.

  1. Apply dye in your design

Mix dyes and warm water to soften the dyes, so that it is not too thick. You can use spray or whatever the tools that you desired.

  1. Cover the fabric with plastic

After you apply the dye in the batik design, then you need to cover the fabric with plastic for 4-6 hours until dry

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Those are a very simple step to tie dye batik fabric. Once again, if you are serious about dyeing batik design, you need to see for complete dyeing tutorial.