Indonesian Rayon Batik Fabric : Stylish and Comfortable

Indonesian Rayon Batik Fabric: Stylish and ComfortableAs a country with a lot of cultural heritage, Indonesia offers various types of art that you can only see within the country. One of the most popular and most developed art forms in Indonesia is Batik. Batik is Indonesian traditional fabric created through the process of marking patterns with wax and dying the cloth. The finest work of batik is the hand painted batik, which is better known as Tulis Batiks. The intricate designs possessed by batik are drawn manually by hands with a tool called canting. This tool comprises of a tiny cup from copper with a small sprout through that the melted wax is able to flow out to the cloth. This cup is attached to a rattan or wooden handle. The spout size and number has a lot of variations, depending on its functions. Some of the most popular materials for batik’s cloth is cotton, silk, and rayon. In this article, we will focus more on the Indonesian rayon batik fabric.

Rayon fabric are popular for its comfortable, care-free, lightweight, soft, and flowing feel. This classy fabric nicely drapes and is very suitable for apparels materials. The rayon batik fabric usually has a chic and stylish design. Some people may consider batik as an old-fashioned item, but with Indonesian rayon batik fabric, you can create a trendy and fashionable cloth without losing its comfort. The patterns and colors offered by this range of fabric are also more diverse compared to other types of batik fabric. Rayon batik fabric is also commonly colorfast. You can wash it with your washing machine and dry it using machine without being afraid of losing its quality. If you wish to purchase one, remember that rayon batik fabric sometimes shrink around 3 inch per yard. Thus adding extra length of your rayon batik fabric is suggested.

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Indonesian rayon batik fabric comes with various patterns and colors. From bigger and less complicated patterns to smaller and complex patters, all designs are available. The colors are also unlimited. You can choose calmer color for formal occasions, such as navy blue, monochrome, grey, and many more. For informal occasions, brighter colors are also available, such as pink, orange, yellowish color, and even rainbow color. You can purchase rayon batik fabric directly from various stores in Indonesia, or if you live overseas, you can purchase it through online platform. One of the recommended site is